Best in Class

Identity Block™ is the worldwide reference in RFID Theft Prevention. Our products are lab tested to guarantee the highest security level on the market. Both our card and passport shields are certified FIPS 201 and TUV, the highest security standards available in the industry.


Multiple Use

Our protection sleeves have a wide variety of RFID applications:

  • Credit cards and bank cards
  • Employee access cards
  • Hotel room cards
  • Passports issued since 2012
  • Public transportation cards



Identity Block™ has unmatched expertise in RFID theft prevention and has been featured in various media around the world. The company is also responsible for national awareness campaigns in Canada and France. In 2016, Identity Block™ is also pioneering new ways to educate the public on the risks of Identity Theft in collaboration with the Montreal police force (SPVM).


Patented Protection

Not only are our are sleeves extremely thin, but our material has 4 layers, with tearproof and spill proof paper. Many cheap alternatives offer outside protection, which wears off with time.

Our multi-layer material is the thinnest and most restistant on the market.

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Leaders in National Awareness

Identity Block™ was the first company in Canada to expose and demonstrate the risks of RFID related thefts on national television, newspapers and other medias.

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Identity Theft in Numbers

Credit card thefts have increased 30% since RFID cards were introduced
Percentage of victims that have trouble getting credit or a loan because of identity theft
Billions lost worldwide due to identity theft each year
Average number of hours needed to recover from identity theft

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