How it Works

Identity Block sleeves are specially designed to protect your passport and payment cards from unwanted RFID scanning, offering you unparalleled identity theft protection.

  • Reliable Protection

    RFID barrier is undetectable and embedded in our patented material.

  • Cost Effective

    Protect your whole family for the price of a movie ticket.

  • Discreet Function

    Sleeves will not trigger metal detectors from your pocket.

  • Sleek Design

    Made from our patented resistant material which is 4-times thinner than any other product available & lightweight for ease of use.

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Commonly Found in your Wallet

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless communication system used to transfer data
for the purpose of automatic identification or transaction.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Banking & Credit Cards

    Flash payment increases the speed & ease of transactions.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Travel Passports

    Quickly scan your passport and by-pass long lines at the airport.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Transportation Payments

    Easily & quickly pay for road tolls or public transportation.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Mobile Phones

    Make payments in stores with RFID-enabled handsets.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Gift Cards

    Commonly used in retail to deduct credits from a prepaid card.

  • Your fantastic Alt Tag

    Access Cards

    Used by businesses and hotels for secured access.

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Identity Theft in Numbers

Now a Worldwide Concern

  • 11.1M Americans were victims of identity theft in 2009, representing almost 5% of the population,
  • 66% of victims discovered that thieves opened a new credit card account in their name,
  • A recent report revealed that 6.5% of Canadians, almost 1.7M people, were victimized by some kind of identity theft in 2010, resulting in an astounding $365M in credit card fraud. Within one year, this statistic rose by 19,4% to $436M,
  • Victims spend an average of $1,114 in legal expenses related to their case of identity theft,
  • 47% of victims have trouble getting credit or a loan as a result of identity theft.

These numbers reveal just how important it is to learn about the ways you can protect yourself from RFID fraud.

RFID Security

Protection to suit your needs


4 Sleeves
  • $19.99CAD



8 Sleeves
  • $29.99CAD


2 Sleeves
  • $19.99CAD



4 Cards & 2 Passports
  • $29.99CAD

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What our Customers are Saying

About Identity Block RFID Protection

Since I got Identity Block protection, I am confident that I won’t go through the same nightmare again. The protection is so simple no one should go without it.
John Doe
Emily R.
Marketing Consultant
Boca Raton, Fl.
I am aware of the risks of Identity theft and Identity Block is something I use for peace of mind. I recently purchased protection for my parents. They don’t even understand how a card can send its information, we are all too vulnerable.
John Doe
James F.
Self Employed
Calgary, Ab.
I have Identity Block protection for my credit card, my bank card, my public transit card and my passport. I can’t believe companies I am supposed to trust are actually putting everyone at risk.
John Doe
Adam G.
Social Media Designer
Montréal, Qc.